Red Rosa Rides Again

Rahul Mahajan rahul at
Sun Apr 28 04:53:18 MDT 1996

>It's the FBI agent created by Louis' paranoid imagination back again. (FBI? I
>was insulted. I thought I rated CIA! And all because Louis couldn't break the
>habit, was back smoking the Marxism1 pipe in less than a week, and wanted
>detente with the Shining Shits. ) How could I stay away? Now that Luis
>Quisling is attacking my man Adolpho, assailing my man's drinking habits (a
>veiled reference to what Adolpho and I do when he has had a few), now that
>Shitterjee has shown how far his closeted self will go in gay-bashing, and
>now that Malecki has pronounced himself the working class, I am the only
>character in this farce which makes any sense.

I suppose you're free to post whatever nonsense you feel like, but I for
one am tired of your sullying the name of Rosa Luxemburg. Not only was she
a woman of incandescent courage and analytical brilliance, but she had more
class in her little finger than you ...

If you called yourself MaggThat at, or MadLoCic at, I would have
no problem.


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