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Hi again..

I read your  other letter. Naturally the first part of it is interesting for
me.But i guess the real point for me in all this is-which program are you
trying to fight for in order to win the leadership of the proletariat. The
cadre that are recruited from the class if fighting for the wrong program
will only lead to disaster. Thus many Stalinist workers wound up in Nazi
concentration camps because their leaders had the wrong program.

If you believe that you want to fight for October revolutions everywhere
program is decisive in recruiting the most advanced workers. Most of the
left does not even bother about that. There programs have nothing that a
left wing social democrat or Euro communist could agree to. The point is
that we have to win the workers from their reformist leaders and go for
power. It is a struggle of life and death. Not some sort of dynamic that
will solve itself in the coarse of the struggle. In the PCP their are for
example real fighters, at least in Peru, the problem is that they are
following a leadership that has a multi-class maoist ideology. This fact
means that sooner or later the real fighters are going to die because their
leaders were wrong.

I met a east german in prison once. He was a real proletarian fighter. The
problem was that his leaders were all fucking wrong. But him and i could
communicate because he new that i was not some intellectual creep trying to
convince him of party line. But a real fighter. I could win these people to
my ideas because in there hearts they new that my ideas were better then
their leaders. That is why it is so important in finding the workers that
can be the Leninist cadre. But then you have to have a clear and
revolutionary program that is understandable to workers. The left and i mean
the whole left has been lacking in this. I remember a few weeks back the
beef discussion. I called for a meat riot and to discuss who has meat? Who
can afford meat? connected to slogans like-Let the rich eat their
caviar!-Cheap meat for everybody-Take over the factories- ice the profiteers
or something along those lines.

I immediately was accused of just about every crime under the sun. However i
did get some very interesting posts from just workers who immediately
understood what i was talking about. It is so fucking funny watching our
"marxists" twitch when workers take things into there own hands. Most of the
left is going to be run over by a freight train when and if the workers
start moving. Only the Leninist Vanguard with a revolutionary program, and
even Lenins party at times was tailing the workers found it hard to keep
>from tailing the movement, will show the way forward.

Every strike, every action is a testing ground for leftists and most
leftists fail the test miserably. From now on it must be every strike every
action that the left must be tested and ruthlessly condemned if lacking a
clear line which moves things forward. the workers are not stupid, believe
me, when a worker jumps he or she jumps a long way. They don,t need marxist
intellectuals to tell them the history of class oppression although studying
history is not wrong but workers hate capitalists because the have always
been there enemy. It sits in their backbone. The only thing needed really is
to expand their narrow horizions of the struggle from a local factory to a
national and international perspective...

malecki in exile

PS: the second half of this letter i send to the marxist list...

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