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>'Dump the Gingrich gang!' Service Employees cheer call for defeat of GOP in
>by Fred Gaboury
>This article was reprinted from the April 27, 1996 issue of the People's
>Weekly World. For subscription information see below. All rights reserved -
>may be used with PWW credits.

>CHICAGO - Over 1,300 U.S. and Canadian delegates to the 75th convention of
>the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) cheered as newly-elected
>president Andrew Stern pledged an all-out drive to defeat right-wing
>extremists in this fall's elections.
>By week's end they had elected a leadership team of Stern as president and
>Betty Bednarczyk as secretary-treasurer, had endorsed the reelection bid of
>Pres. Clinton and were headed home determined to thwart right-wing efforts
>to grab control of the White House and to break the grip of the "Gang of
>73" GOP first-term members of Congress on Nov. 5.
Re-electing Clinton will "thwart" right-wing efforts to grab the White House?
As many folks have pointed out already, Clinton's program of austerity and
imperialism is further right than Richard Nixon's when he was president.
Electing Clinton means choosing between right-wing takeovers of the govt.

The Republican newbys are pretty terrible, but part of the reason they got
in was that Clinton betrayed so many progressive promises during his
campaign (predictably, given which class he represents and what they were
demanding). If the "re-elect the right-winger we've got" strategy wins,
history suggests that two years later we'll have 73 even more right
Republicans to contend with.

>In his acceptance speech, the 45-year-old Stern drew applause and cheers
>when he said SEIU was going to "make sure that every candidate and every
>party recognizes the needs and values of working families or pays the price
>for their ignorance and indifference. We are not going to let one party
>write us off and another party take us for granted," he told the mostly
>young audience.

Sounds like he figured that audience was too young to remember 1992.

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Irony intended, I assume.

Walter Daum

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