Nicaragua: A historic opportunity lost?

Rahul Mahajan rahul at
Sun Apr 28 21:10:43 MDT 1996

Louis, thanks for another informative post on Nicaragua. The reasons, both
geopolitical and internal (not creating another front on which one has to
fight) for not expropriating the ranchers and farmers (what do we mean here
anyway, latifundia or minifundia?) who were sympathetic to the Sandinistas
are very similar to those given by the Stalinists against the
collectivization in Spain. It was in fact not beyond the bounds of
probability that a real revolution in Spain would provoke the British and
French to join with the Germans and Italians in supporting Franco. You have
in the past stated categorically that the Sandinistas were not like the
Popular Front in Spain. While conceding that they certainly were not with
regard to authoritarian suppression of alternative currents, I still would
like a clearer formulation or understanding of what the other differences
were. Could you briefly sketch them for us?


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