Dump the Gingrich Gang!

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Sun Apr 28 21:35:15 MDT 1996

Charloote writes:

>Firstly, this article doesn't deal with re-electing Clinton, but with
>defeating congressional Republicans. But we aren't living in a world where
>neat and easy ultra-left tactics work because they don't. Right now, our
>energies need to be focused on defeating the congressional attacks on the
>people. We need to look at what the results of these attacks will be--and it
>is unacceptable! They must be stopped. "Pure" political action is all well
>and good, but what is it doing for the working class at the end of the day?
>What is it teaching about the necessity of workers' political action? What
>results does it produce? Nothing! Nothing at all! Standing to the sidelines
>in sectarian manner is not going to unite and rally the working class.
>Defeating the republicans can and will. It can build solid fighting
>organizations of the people and show concrete results of struggle, as well
>as lay the basis for independent political action and improve the lives of
>the people.


Just wondering, but isn,t this what the democrats are saying. Why should the
CP be a parrot for democratic party propaganda. In fact it appears to me ,
at least from a distance, that people are pretty much fed up with both the
dems and the pubs.

>No. The CPUSA is actually doing something for the people. TheParty is
>organizing, uniting and fighting. We are growing at a tremendous rate. Our
>last convention proved that. Tell your "pure" strategies to the thousands of
>workers struggling and fighting for a better society and more and more,
>finding their home for struggle in the CPUSA. They know better. They know
>how to fight and how to win. That is why they are with the CPUSA--that is
>why thaey *are* the CPUSA. Comradely, Charlotte

Well, i am glad that the CP is doing something for the people.Sounds like
you are almost a mass party. And those horrible leftists. I mean just have
strategies and plans and all that stuff while the real workers are
struggling. Sounds almost like Jesus coming to enlighten the humble soles of

Its almost like the American CP does not have a history! And all these left
groups just popped up spontaniously or something..Christ the nerve of them
to start talking about revolution.

warm Regards
malecki in exile

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