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Embarrassed. Just wanted to prove to myself that I can spell as well as Dan


After an imporant comment on the Grundrisse, Jim wrote:

>   Rakesh made some other good points in his post describing
>how the conditions of capitalist production tend to undermine
>the growth of the productivity of labor, a growth which is itself
>derived from the inner necessity of capitalist development. But
>I don't have time to respond to those comments now.

Gorz attempts to move beyond a criticism based on the  unsustainability or
economic costs of growth and productivity increases.  He attempts to ground
the critique not in the irrationality of the system but in the subjective
experience of alienation, unfreedom and violation.  Bowring's review brings
this out very well.

Gorz's ideas were then an important omission from the previous discussion
of subjectivity.


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