Dump the Gingrich Gang!

Mon Apr 29 06:31:47 MDT 1996

On Sun, 28 Apr 1996 20:04:21 -0400, Charlotte wrote, in the
thread on the People's Weekly World article:

>Firstly, this article doesn't deal with re-electing Clinton, but
>with defeating congressional Republicans.>

Anybody can go back and check and see that the PWW
cites the SEIU's campaign to re-elect Clinton quite favorably.
But Charlotte has my sympathy: campaigning for Clinton *is*
something to be ashamed of. No wonder whe wants to deny it.
I had simply assumed that her posting the article meant that she
stood for what it said.

As for the Congressional Republicans, the only alternative the
CPUSA offers is the Congressional Democrats. These are the same
folks who just overwhelmingly voted for the new federal
"balanced" (i.e., austerity) budget agreed on by Clinton and --
surprise? -- the Congressional Republicans.

So what's the choice? Clinton won't stand up to the Republicans,
the Democrats won't stand up to Clinton -- all because they all
stand for capitalism, the system of war, racism and austerity.

Charlotte said:
>"Pure" political action is all well and good, but what is it
>doing for the working class at the end of the day? What is it
>teaching about the necessity of workers' political action?>

Maybe it's about time that communists tell the workers the truth:
that no candidate (certainly not Dems or Repubs) stands for the
working class's interests. Start from there and we can talk about
workers' political action.

>Read the Peoples Weekly World>
>Tired of the same old system?>
>Join the Communist Party, USA!>

Somehow I also assumed that endorsing Clinton and his party *was*
"the same old system." (Marx was a little blunter: "the same old
shit.") And that communism was about getting rid of this
system, not re-electing it.

It's painfully ironic that Charlotte's signature calls for ending
the U.S. blockade of Cuba. She even suggests e-mailing protests
to the White House -- that's because Clinton is the biggest
champion of strangling Cuba. The CPUSA slogan would be a bit more
honest if it said "Eat the same old shit!"

Walter Daum

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