Hugh and cry over "apartheid"

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Mon Apr 29 14:29:28 MDT 1996

On Sun, 28 Apr 1996, Charlotte Kates wrote:

> membership in more than one organization. Well what about lists? Must they
> be mutually exclusive? Can't we Marxists work together, in cooperaytion and
> coalition? This is just a discussion list, however, I find it indicative of
> the problems in the broader socialist/ Marxist movement if two mailing lists
> about Marxism, both populated mainly by Marxists must be enemies and
> opponents of each other. This is the kind of thinking that has gotten the
> left in trouble for years. Must it continue even on Internet mailing lists?
> These lists can be a place for unity and open discussion, debate and
> coalition. They should be. The separation should end. Comradely, Charlotte

	I definetely would agree with what you are saying, but the fact is
that once there was a list where Marxists of various tendencies got along;
it was called simply the Spoons Marxism List. But then a group of lunatics
made a climate of hostility popular on the list calling people fascists,
cops, running dogs of imperialism, etc. and it tore the quality of the
list apart. I have no problem with PCP supporters, what I have a problem
with is people who intentinally enter a list with the intention to split
it into sub-ideological camps. Until Marxism calms down I'll stay on M2,
occasionally read the M1 archives, and page through the archives from
1994-1995 and remember the days of cooperation.

Cols, Oh

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