re-counter-revolution in china

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Mon Apr 29 07:38:01 MDT 1996

re-counter-revolution in china

Over the past month, the re-emergence of Deng Xiaoping following Mao's
death has been described on this list in terms of a coup d'etat. The Great
Leap Backward, written by Charles Bettelheim in the late seventies,
presents a similar interpretation.

Given the nature of Mao's rule, a coup d'etat upon his death/mummification,
seems to have been unavoidable.

At the same time, it reveals to what degree the mass line of the Chinese
Communist Party - from Mao to Deng  -  has been decided at the top.
Although the masses have participated in the implementation of policy,
they have been forbidden by the party from participating in the decision-
making process.


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