Hugh and cry over "apartheid"

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Mon Apr 29 15:38:18 MDT 1996

Kevin Cabral writes:

>... once there was a list where Marxists of various tendencies got along;
>it was called simply the Spoons Marxism List. But then a group of lunatics
>made a climate of hostility popular on the list calling people fascists,
>cops, running dogs of imperialism, etc. and it tore the quality of the
>list apart.

Yes, and in the Olden Days Now Turned to Clay, in the marxism list, there
lived magic frogs with names like Zeeb and Waldo-Woo, and merrily they
hopped upon the enchanted lilly pads, all day long, and in the magic gardens
the fawns didst frolick, and all the people were beautiful, and the trees
bore luscious fruit, and the sex was plentiful, and the male pill really
worked, and you could get change from a buck when buying lunch, and every
night we group hugged before bed, and workers were happy to have a little
home in the suburbs, and farmers marvelled each eve at wonderous potatoes
that bore likenesses to famous communist leaders, and Elvis was still alive,
and Dresden wasn't firebombed, and the Woman's Television Network didn't run
nothing but Mary Tyler Moore reruns, and all our dogs loved the posties who
come to the door, and everyone cut excessive quotes when replying to posts.

Then Adolfo showed. And humanity was cast into darkness.


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