Hugh and cry over "apartheid"

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Mon Apr 29 16:29:26 MDT 1996

At 5:38 PM 4/29/96, zodiac wrote:

>Yes, and in the Olden Days Now Turned to Clay, in the marxism list, there
>lived magic frogs with names like Zeeb and Waldo-Woo, and merrily they
>hopped upon the enchanted lilly pads, all day long, and in the magic gardens
>the fawns didst frolick, and all the people were beautiful, and the trees
>bore luscious fruit, and the sex was plentiful, and the male pill really
>worked, and you could get change from a buck when buying lunch, and every
>night we group hugged before bed, and workers were happy to have a little
>home in the suburbs, and farmers marvelled each eve at wonderous potatoes
>that bore likenesses to famous communist leaders, and Elvis was still alive,
>and Dresden wasn't firebombed, and the Woman's Television Network didn't run
>nothing but Mary Tyler Moore reruns, and all our dogs loved the posties who
>come to the door, and everyone cut excessive quotes when replying to posts.

Wow man, who's your dealer? And does s/he deliver to NYC?



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