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Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Mon Apr 29 23:03:25 MDT 1996

Charlotte writes
>Of course the people are! And of course we need independent political
>action! But right now, defeating the  Republicans and their Contract [on]
>America is a life and death issue to millions of Americans. It can't be left
>alone in favor of ultraleftism.

That one does not support the Clinton strategy of the worser of two evils
does not make one an ultra leftist, Your line only builds illusions in the
present powers to be.
We are talking about the twin parties of capitalism here. Independent
political action is not having a strategy of political support for the
lesser of two evils the democratic party.

>Well, I thought you'd be with me here. I guess not. But hanging around
>drawing up draft programmes read by a few hundred people on "how to fight
>the revolution" isn't going to make the revolution. Real, basic, material
>struggles can provide that basis--and it is the job of Communists in these
>struggles to inject the Communist plus--to work to raise the ideological
>level of the struggle one is in--from social consciousness tro class
>consciousness too socialIST conscious and thereby build a truly solid base
>for organizing--one gained through struggle. Comradely, Charlotte

In a way you do have me on your side Charlotte. Ever since you made your
appeal for Jamal on this list in fact. That above all means that you at
least were one person on this list prepared to take one concrete step. OK!

But that does not mean electoral support in the present elections is a life
and death matter for the working class in the United States. In fact the
amount of people who even go and vote is very low in relation to election
turn outs in Europe.

And in Europe where we have mass workers parties the tactic of "critical"
support might be a important point. But in the United States today a mass
workers party does not exist. Painting up the lesser of two evils scenario
without the existence of a workers party in the united states at this point
is just ridiculous.

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