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Tue Apr 30 06:48:17 MDT 1996

On Mon, 29 Apr 1996, Luis Quispe wrote:
> ACT 3. During the last week of April, the Peruvian Intelligence
> Services (SIN), hired John McCarry, a U.S. free lance
> "journalist" who has worked in the past, promoting dictators in
> Latin America and Asia. Sources in Lima reported that, he, and
> National Geographic were paid more than $200,000 to promote "the
> good image of Peru and Fujimori" to the world with the purpose of
> increasing tourism. Thus, The National Geographic is shamelesly
> launching a pro-Fujimori Campaign. However, McCarry in his first

Louis: This is interesting. The National Geographic has a long history of
prettifying brutal dictatorships. Before the Vietnam war reached full
intensity, they would have all sorts of stories about "quaint" and
"picturesque" Indochina whose charm was being upset by "terrorists"
supported by Communist North Vietnam. This magazine, like Reader's
Digest, occupies a particular place in the ideological superstructure of the
imperialist state. It would be a useful project to try to unravel the
financial and political connections the mag has to the US government.

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