Selling of Human Organs

HANLY at BrandonU.CA HANLY at BrandonU.CA
Tue Apr 30 18:44:51 MDT 1996

The People's Republic of CHina also sells organs of persons executed.
There was a good CBC documentary on the topic of sale of organs. The
documentary interveiwed one poor
small Indian businessman who needed to raise capital and so sold one kidney
but then he disovered he needed even more so his wife was going to sell
one too. There are entrepreneurs who have found a niche market for their
grisly talents. They go into poor villages to round up organ donors and make
a huge cut if a sale is made. But heck, even standard neo-classical economics
could justify these transactions. There is a definite Pareto Improvement in
that at least one person thinks they are better off and no one
 thinks they are worse off.
LIbertarian idiocy isn't required to justify this, ordinary neo-classical
idiocy can do it on its own.
   Cheers, Ken Hanly

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