Marxism vs. CPUSAs liberal boot licking

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Sun Apr 28 21:33:05 MDT 1996

Dear firends,

Well, over 6 decades of political bankruptcy continues in the misnamed CPUSA.
Support for US capitalism continues for them with accelerated donkey work.
>From support for Roosevelt and the imperialist WW2, through Trumans A-bombing of
Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The "ol 1-2 punch" the CPUSA militarist patriots called
it! Then right up to their "peace candidate Lyndon Johnson after their  "Bay of
Pigs" liberal camelot "Mr. missile Gap" JFk. Then its Rah Rah for Jimmy "Ethnic
purity" Carter right up to their doorbell ringings for Bill "born again
militarist" Clinton.

The CPUSA goes right along with the liberal exploiters. They try to prettify the
Good-cop-Bad Cop tricks  ofthe "Gingrich Gang" and the "Clinton Gang" to
continue to screw and deceive the workers. Of course that is their bi-partisan
job and that is what they run the capitalist government to do.

 Real Workers groups and organizations should be exposing and fighting  the
deceit and fraud of the capitalist government as they work to help the working
class unite and fight the capitalists offensive, the Contract On America,
Welfare, Health and job cuts, etc.
The Daily robbery of the waged and salaried workers accelerates. But the CP
likes the liberal wing of the robbers state.
And the CPUSA continues its trojan horse activity, as the un-official left wing
of the bourgeois Democrats.

Workers and their allies must unite to build new forms of mass organization
for struggle and of course a new genuine  Communist Party as well. One that
serves the workers, and not careerists serving state caps abroad and bourgeois
liberals and labor fakers here at home!

Support  for the bourgeois congress and the white house is enough to alert
thinking forces that the CPUSAs struggle  favors the bosses side of the
barracades! More and more workers have awaken to the fact that the CPUSA
is a rancid opportunist outfit with nothing to do with Marxism. It's track
speaks for itself.


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