PERU: May First, Day of Struggle.

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                            MAY DAY

Proletarians of all countries, Unite!

This First of May, International Workers Day, the day of
revolutionary proletarian unity, calls us to reflect upon the
road traveled by the working class in our country and on the role
they are called upon to play in the Peruvian revolution. On this
May 1st, the working masses have to feel solidly united and sure
of their victory.

With the October Revolution a new epoch began: The World
Proletarian Revolution, that of the step to socialism and the
construction of the Communist society.

The contemporary epoch is today that of imperialist agresions of
plunder, never before seen, and the rising up of peoples against
their oppressors. We must consider that while imperialism and the
bourgeosie exists, so does revisionism, generating bases within
the ranks of the proletariat. Revisionism is the outpost of the
bourgeoisie within the Party. Proof of this is that the Communist
Party of the former USSR, founded by Lenin, continued as
socialism under the dictatorship of the proletariat under Stalin,
usurped by a handful of sell-out workers and nouveau bourgeois
headed up by Khruschev has betrayed the proletariat with its
fallacies of "a Party of all the people", thus transforming it
into a bourgeois party, and with the revisionist thesis of "a
state of all the People" it has subverted the dictatorship of the
proletariat for a line that is fascist; under the pretext of
"building communism" it has destroyed the planned socialist
economy, it has become a traitor to proletarian internationalism
and the revolutionary cause of the peoples, taking "peaceful
coexistence," "peaceful competition" and "peaceful transition" as
its general exterior political line, in this way, it colluded
with Yankee imperialism, dividing the world in spheres of
influence. As Marx summed up in his work. "Critique of the

Programme", "between a capitalist society and a communist society
comes a period of revolutionary transformation of the first into
the second. A political period of transition occurs at this time
as well, when the state cannot be other than the revolutionary
dictatorship of the proletariat";  and Lenin masterfully
synthesized the existence of class struggle under socialist
society: "the step from capitalism to communist fills up an
entire historical epoch. Until this historical epoch is finished,
the exploiters will continue inevitably to hold hope of their
restoration, hope which will convert themselves into attempts at

The United States is contending in the international arena to
maintain its domination, extending itse control on its hold over
colonies and neo-colonies, displacing other powers and securing
control over its allies (as with NATO); the other, the Russian
superpower with its economy in disarray, fights to extend its
domain in its former territories.  Both superpowers have been hit
by the crisis which on many levels rocks the bases of the
imperialist system headed up the by U.S. imperialism that is
struggling with a economic crisis that cannot end without getting
much worse. Under these conditions, the super powers are the
basic source of the world's problems of today, and their
contention lights the war fires burning in Africa, the Middle
East and other places and threatens to lead to the Third World
War. Thus, if the development of the fundamental contradictions
build the danger of world war, which will be a new war of rapine,
a new division of the world by the superpowers, and a means,
even, of  "overcoming" their crises and impose, as they aspire
and dream of, new "world orders."

Within this period, coming precisely out of the fundamental
contradictions, of the forces in contention and their
distribution according to tactics, is how the strategic concept
which the three worlds delineate can be understood; the question
of the existence of a superpower contending for world Domination
with other powers shows the inter-imperialist contradictions in
particular and the contradictions of
the oppresed peoples against imperialism as a principal one.

In the treatment of the line over the international class
struggle, the principal thing is to start from
Marxism-Lenism-Maoism, that is, to start from the conception of
the proletariat, of Marxism and its development; for our Party,
the Communist Party of Peru, this is the decisive starting point,
especially after the death of Chairman Mao, which like the deaths
of all the great proletarian leaders, has given rise to profound
disturbances and wide repercussions in China and the world; and,
in the conditions under which the struggle developed in, China,
provided the chance for the right to overthrow the state,
usurping the power of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat,
undermining the victories of the Great Proletarian Cultural
Revolution and opening the doors to the restoration of
capitalism, to capitulation and to revisionism, headed up by
Teng Psiao Ping.

Today, to be a communist is to uphold Marxism-Leninism-Maoism,
for there is no other starting point, nor any other basis that
can serve as guide to communists nor unite them which is
necessary; holding on to this position, we can open a path to
understanding the class struggle on an international level with
the goal of playing our role as it corresponds today, in our own
revolution as well as with proletarian internationalism.

We live in the epoch of world proletarian revolution in which the
building of a new society begins after the universal law of
revolutionary violence concretized in democratic revolutions,
socialist revolutions and the continuation of the revolution
under the dictatorship of the proletariat; an epoch in which the
oppressed peoples will incorporate their struggles more and more
into the revolution mobilizing the masses as never before in
history, particularly those of the leading classes of the new
epoch, and in which those communist parties which adhere to
Marxism-Leninism-Maoism fulfill and are called upon to fulfill
their role as the fighting, organized vanguard for the
emancipation of the proletariat and the World Proletarian

The Communist Party of Peru in its 9th Plenary of 1979
stated the following: "the powerful international workers'
movement, are building the waves of the national liberation
movements, the development of communist parties, Marxism elevated
to the grand summit of Maoism have brought us to a new situation:
we are entering a strategic offensive in the World this grand epoch of world history, our people
together with their class brothers in Latin America, have a role
to play and they are playing it and they will continue to play
it...our people are beginning to seize power with arms, in this
country we are today entering a third stage, this third stage is
that of armed conflict. Revolution and counter-revolution are
preparing for violence." [1979]

THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF PERU assuming its historic and unavoidable
role of fighting for power for the proletariat and the people,
after 15 years of hard struggle for its reconstitution, has begun
the armed struggle (17 of May, 1980), and today it is building
the People's Army of Liberation in the middle of the living
flames of Guerrilla War, an armed force which will develop as a
column of the new State of Workers and Peasants, it is building
Revolutionary Support Bases in the countryside so that from there
it can encircle the cities until the conquest of political power,
which is the very essence of People's War.

The armed struggle begun and directed completely by the Party is
the continuation of the class struggle of the Peruvian people, is
the armed continuation of their political struggle and is
profoundly connected and tied with the masses of people,
primarily to the poor peasant. The masses are our only laze and
support, the fountain of our power and vigor; we are firm
practitioners of the great principle of basing ourselves on our
own strength; thus we are the consistent followers of proletarian
internationalism, as embodied in the immortal slogan of Marx and
Angeles: "Proletarians of all countries, unite"' and as
communists we hold high always the three great banners of
Marxism-Leninism-Maoism: Marx, Lenin, Mao, who demand of us that
we be irreconcilable enemies of revisionism and all opportunism;
and fighting for the revolution in our country we serve the world
proletarian revolution that will be fought and is being fought
until Communism shines over the face o the earth.

Long Live the First of May, Day of the International Proletariat!
Long Live the Communist Party of Peru!
Long Live the People's War!
Glory to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Peru People's Movement

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