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Comradely Greetings from Wei En Lin,

Recently Louis wrote,


=B3The Cuban blockade was the effect of the left turn of the Cuban
revolution, not the cause of it, nor the cause of alignment with the USSR=
. =20
As I pointed out in my previous post, the only way the Cuban economy=20
could develop was by breaking with imperialism. If you break with=20
imperialism, you need allies.=B2


I want to begin by complementing you, Louis, for your detailed=20
examination of the Cuban revolution.  One of the best postings I have=20
read on this list.

I agree that =B3The Cuban blockade was the effect of the left turn of the=
Cuban revolution, not the cause of it.=B2  If there was one cause of the=20
=B3left turn=B2 it was the Bay of Pigs invasion.  But Castro was a leftis=
t in=20
the very beginning, even if he was not an avowed Marxist.  He always=20
claimed that his revolution was made on the behalf of the downtrodden,=20
those who suffered as a result of the alliance between the Cuban=20
financial elite and US capitalists, mafiosos, etc. =20

Nevertheless, it is not entirely accurate to say that Castro broke with=20
imperialism.  He was willing enough to support Soviet Social imperialism=20
in Eastern Europe.  You are aware, probably, that when the USSR=20
invaded Hungary, there was a period of silence in Havana.  The oil=20
tankers bound for Cuba from the USSR waited for a time outside the port=20
city. Finally, Castro felt compelled to issue a statement supporting the=20
Soviet invasion. =20

The simple fact is that Castro had to support Russian/Soviet Imperialism=20
in order to continue implementing his own domestic agenda, which was,=20
and continues to be in many ways, admirable.

I have lived in Latin America for a few years, in Colombia, and visited=20
Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico and Costa Rica.  I have talked to Union=20
Leaders of all stripes, and revolutionaries there.  They take great=20
inspiration from the Cuban revolution.

Still, what does the title of your posting mean?  =B3The evolution of Cub=
communism=B2  Are you claiming that Cuba is a communist state, that it=20
has already achieved communism, that it is evolving toward=20
communism, that it is socialist, that it is a genuine worker=B9s state,  =
that it is a benevolent dictatorship which (for now) acts mainly  in the=20
interests of the workers?

Despite my tremendous admiration for Castro (as compared with other=20
dictators)--and let us make no mistake:  he is a dictator--I think that=20
when he dies Cuba will not be prepared to continue the =B3evolution of=20
Cuban communism.=B2  Will Cuba even remain =B3socialist=B2 in any=20
meaningful sense of the word (as Costa Rica partly is)?  If Cuba does not=
continue to work toward communism, US imperialism will be largely to=20
blame.   But Castro shares some of the responsibility, since he has not,=20
to my knowledge, given democratic control of the means of production to=20
the workers.  That is, he has not allowed the workers to vote for their=20
managers, directors, foremen, or industry branch leaders. =20
Appointments are made from the top down, are they not?

I know that Castro has allowed some grass roots political democracy to=20
develop, not unlike County and City elections in the United States, more=20
democratic the more local the concern.  But I do not think he has=20
democratized the economy.   I would like to know more about this.

I wonder Louis if you could give me some clear definitions of Socialism=20
and Communism.  I do not think Cuba is a Communist country; though=20
there are many in Cuba working to build Communism.  Or at the very=20
least, even though the goal of the Cuban system may not be to give=20
control over the means of production to the workers, Cubans are=20
working to improve education, health, sanitation and guarantee an=20
overall improvement in working and living conditions.  Furthermore, I do=20
not think it makes sense to call Castro a Stalinist, even though he used=20
the Soviet Union as his primary patron for so many years. =20

Sincere Regards,

Wei En Lin.

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