Trotsky and Building Socialism--Can Socialism be "built" ?

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Richard wrote that Trotskyism does not have a role to play in the future
of building socialism.

What does this frequently used phrase acutually mean--"Building

Again I am making an appeal to all of you who may be interested in
defining socialism.  Not by a slogan or a fancy phrase.  Is socialism
practiced anywhere, has it been practiced anywhere, and if not, where
is it most likely to be practiced?

Are or have any of the following really been socialist?

The USSR 1917-1928
The USSR 1928-1989
China under Mao
Scandanavian States governed by Socialist Parties
France under Mitterand
UK under Labor
North Korea
Burma (Myanmar)
Kampuchea (Cambodia)
The Socialist Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka
Spain before Franco
Spain under Socialist Felipe Gonzales
Costa Rica under Social Democrats
The Turkish City of Fatsa on the Black Sea Coast governed by
     Workers committees for a year in 1979
Kerala in India under the Communist Party of Kerala
Chile under Salvador Allende and his Communist Party of Chile
Libya under Socialist Kaddafi
Communist Yemen before unification
Any State in Eastern Europe prior to Perestroika and Glastnost
Egypt under Nasser
Syria or Iraq under the Socialist "Ba'ath Party"

I would like the best definition and best example of socialism you can
give me.


Wei En Lin.

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Dear Hugh,

If I offended you with my gratuitous reposte at the end of my earlier
reply,I apologise. It is not really my style. But you did make the remark
about "grinding bones" first. Your questions did not seem serious, as you
asked them in a sarcastic tone, and in Louis P's name, not your own.

I am not the greatest of writers, so you will have to be a bit patient. I
intend to be part of this list for the forseeable future, so when the
subjects come up I will contribute to the disscussion.

Of course it is necessary to discuss and understand the roles of Trotsky
& Stalin, but when I say that "Trotskyism is irrelevant" I mean that it
doesn't have a role to play in the future building of Socialism.

Best wishes,


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