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Robert Malecki malecki at
Thu Aug 1 01:53:07 MDT 1996

>Could you forward Carlile's M2 stuff to me?  I've already explained
>that M2 is not a forum for discussing list-policy and spoon-gripes, so
>I'd like to get started on keeping that stuff out.  That lovely fellow
>Hugh has also taken up the opportunity as an excuse to re-air all his
>crap about "censorship" on M2.  It is to barf.

Lisa is lying about the fact that censorship on M2 is just "crap". In fact
the list was
created by the ivory tower in order to censor people. Not in the least the
Maoists like Aldolfo (who in this case i defend) and others.

So the real barf in not discussing how the creation of M2 came about! That
is the barf that M2 wants to cover up by making the rule that to discuss
this stuff you can immediately be expelled from the list.

I suggest that nobody send "Karl's stuff" to the elegant baroness. And
recommend that she take her lies and slanders back to M2.


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