Labour still the same as always?!!!??

Robert Malecki malecki at
Thu Aug 1 01:53:24 MDT 1996

Philip writes;
>Th question is how do you raise the question of socialism?  To the
>ultra-left the answer is quite simple: "Tell the 'truth'.  Deamnd the
>Dictatorship of the proletratiat, smash the state, workers power, world
>socialist federation, etc, etc".

The above means in reality that Lenin and Trotsky were "ultralefts"! Because
already in Switzerland when the overwhelming majority of the proletariat
under reformist leadership were marching off to war, the ultra lefts like
Trotsky and Lenin were talking about turning the guns around and fighting
for the Dictatorship of the Proletariat!
>In Sweeden today (I'm not that fimiliar w/the situation) I would think
>transitional demnads would be:
>Anti-capitalist fighting reforms (protecting the welfare state, better
>servioces, minum wage, unemployement, etc)
>Raising the need for a new, mass workers party that is class independent.
>Linking all of the above to socialimis by explainig that a) all capitalist
>reforms re temporary
>b) that WHEN the new workers party aver takes power it will have to make a
>decesive comitment to socilaism or capitalism
>c) Explanig socialism in a transitional way:  Nationalisation of Big
>Bussiness, workers democracy, A workers europe counter-possed to the Bosses
>Masshikrat [sp.].

And the above program is nothing other then a capitulation to leftwing
reformism. This is what they support, therefore the militant group raises
the slogans! How touching our fake trotskyists are in parroting a program of
the left wing of the Trade Union bureacracy.

I surpose during the bank crisis here, when the Social Democrats bailed out
the financial establishment with billions of tax dollars that the slogan of
confiscating the banks was not using the "Transitinal Metrhod" of the
Militant group. The working class does not understand the slogan theirfore
it is not an objective slogan to raise in the given situation!

Ha, In fact the Militant group and the USec are politcal cowards that have
given up on the TP! But see the present backward conciousness of the workers
as the reason for not raising the correct program in the objective
situation. The objective situation has been here since the early 19oo's!

Or do you think that Trosky wrote the program and was wrong about the
objective siutation? Then you should say that. It is not malecki that is
"ultraleft" for believing that the TP was written for the objective
conditions. Have those conditions changed ? I doubt it!


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