Russian imperialism

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> The gross national oppression within the old USSR was also an imperialist
> policy. There was a clear economic motivation in the Stalinists oppression of
> the non_rUssian peopl's it was not simply because Stalin did not understand the
> national question.

Louis: An "imperialist policy"? Imperialism is not a "policy". It is a
stage of capitalism that started in the late 19th century. Although
imperialism does not have the same characteristics it did in Lenin's day,
it still exists. If the USSR was an imperialist nation, then one has an
obligation to spell out the manner in which it exploited *other* nations.
Was it through exploitation of raw materials, cheap labor, debt? What were
the institutions that functioned like the IMF? When Russian tanks moved
into places like Hungary or Czechoslovakia, was it for the same reason the
US intervened in Nicaragua or El Salvador?

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