The British SLP and the tactics of Marxists

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Thu Aug 1 06:15:58 MDT 1996

On Thu, 1 Aug 1996, PO/LCMRCI wrote:

> Louis N Proyect wrote:
> > Louis: But the CQP is tailing the RWL, don't you think? In the words
> > of Hukalaka Meshabob, father of Lithuanian Marxism, "frez den lughbar amin
> > galt". These words though difficult to translate exactly into English mean
> > something like "Wine for my friends and water for their horses", a
> > sentiment that would place the Trotskyists into a higher arena of struggle
> > if put sincerely into action.
> > action.
> Joseph: Could you explain what is CQP and what you are trying to say?

Louis: I am sorry. That was a typo. I meant to write the CRP, which of
course stands for the Communist Revolutionary Party. I am trying to say
that at the crossroads of the class struggle in which the proletariat is
mobilizing its forces for the transitional program, it is important not to
minimize the threat still posed by Pabloite revisionists who will
liquidate the revolutionary program when they arrive at a critical
conjuncture in the current phase of the class struggle, moreover when the
CRP was founded, it resolved to eliminate all traces of the type of
centrist opportunism that was a hallmark of the rotten bloc formed by Izzy
Goldstein of the WCGTP and Nigel Flugetti of the MZCLI.

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