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It's toooooo bad that diane's post got fwded by KC to the whole m1.
KC is
clearly a fool of the worst kind for fwding it, and yet there can be
public/private split on m1, can there be?

Diane was overly naive. That's too bad for her and for the Foucault,
and spoon-arch/admin lists. It's going to take some time for me to
that across to her. If it's even worth the energy!

I understood Malgosia's response to ddd's post as, in M's words, a
"rant." Which is cool. I have no problems with that position of
We--and especially M--should get to do that from time to time.

I am not "ranting" now!

However, to use ddd's naive (inexperienced) position as leverage to
about KC seems ... is ... unacceptable. KC, in my view of this
situation, has done enough to be expelled. And yet, to expell him is
going to feed the paranoia that goes with a M1 list. It's the very
of the M1 list to be paranoid!! My gods, is it not obvious. Stop and
the posts, that is those, other than KC's or responses to him. The
name of
the game on M1 is ... *THEY are going to get us!* Marx and his texts,
much as Freud and Nietzsche and their texts, attract such types! Or,
perhaps better put, attracts the uncanniness/the stranger knowing at
door in all of us.  This is not to say, by any means at all, that
texts are not of the utmost importance and that blah, blah, blah.

My sense is that KC should be totally toaded! But that sense is
because to toad him will be to continue the cycle. Do we enjoy this

Earlier we were talking about a group of people on the M1 list who
were a
problem and ... well, what should we do with them?

Now, we have shifted ever so subtly to one person, KC, and seemingly
are talking about, once ever again, about dumping M1. Which is
precisely what that asshole KC is predicting! and DESIRES. and needs.

Therefore, why don't we take a shit and flush and get off the pot.
live with the outcome ... whatever that might be. And stop these

Disjunctively, let's decide tomorrow: Whether or not KC goes or
and leave it at that. And decide tomorrow: Whether or not KC and M1
go and leave it at that.

Whatever the mechanism is here for spoons, let enact it! If it's done
fiat, so be it. If it's done by whoever gets to vote, let's do it.
let's decide yea/nay to get rid of Mr.Bungle person and/or list, and
we bungle it, live with it. And then get on with what we do.

Let's don't obsess-cum-abscess like KC!

Either we let them all be and die of banality and boredumb or pull
the plug!
Let's have a vote on that prop tomorrow.

Someone want to second this e-motion?


                              Yours etc.,

     --- from list marxism at lists.village.virginia.edu ---

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