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Lisa Rogers LROGERS at
Thu Aug 1 14:27:19 MDT 1996

From: "Karl Carlile" <joseph at>
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 1996 12:43:44 +0000
Karl to Lisa: What is being discussed by me is the character of the
Spoon listst.  This is both a political and ideological matter and
obviously it may entail refences to policy.

LR sez: That's why it's not going to be on M2, which is not intended
for talk about lists.  Do you get it yet?  [By the way, I think it
takes more than one person spouting off to make it a "discussion".]

KC:  What is happening here is that you have been advised by the
friends of Malgosia to silence people who are highlighting censorship
on spoon lists.

LR: Ooooh, he's psychic too!  He knows stuff about me that I don't
even know.  Actually, I needed no "advice", because you intentionally
stomped on M2 policy several times before I could make up any other
lame excuse to boot you out ...

Hugh wrote:
> I'm afraid the only expulsions I know about are the ones from
marxism2 --
> BodySack, Robert M and myself. The first two still in force...

LR: Hugh is wrong about that, and should know better.

From: "Karl Carlile" <joseph at>
Subject: Lisa believes in freedom of speech

LR: Well, dearie, I don't know what ever could have given you that

From: "Karl Carlile" <joseph at>
Dear Hugh: You do not know how appreciative I am of your support. I
admire your courage.

LR: Oh my yes, right up there with the Turkish prisoners.  Under
threat of death by unsubbing.  Oh, the horror...

Karl writes about "Black Cyber-Sunday":
The Spoon wiseguys in trying to stop my mail at one of these sites
stopped all Irish mail from Indigo and mail from other sites in the
States. ...  We dont know whether they are techheads who might do it
for a buzz under the direction of elements within Spoon. We dont know
whether they are working for a dark force that stands concealed
behind them.

LR: Oh Karl, you give Spoon much too much credit, as well as
yourself, but it could make a great plot for the X-Files [TV show] or
maybe Unsolved Mysteries - "If you know anything about this matter,
call our studio ..."  And they knocked out their own majordomo and
all their own lists on that Evil Sunday just to get you, as part of
their campaign to punish you for acting the ass on Foucault?  Oh, I
mean exposing your "devastating" brilliance for all to envy?   And
this compares with Watergate?  scarry thot...

Karl sez:  We just dont know anything.

LR: You got that one right.

KC wrote: [Spoon]  Accountability and openness is crucial.

LR:  On openness, do you mean like that publicly archived spoon-admin
discussion list that you keep quoting, selectively, out of context,
in spite of the fact that everybody has always been able to read it
already and still can?  Get a clue.

From: malecki at (Robert Malecki)
Finally our list liberal Doug appears not even willing to defend
bougeois democratic rights.

LR: Bob, if you want to defend bourgeois democratic "rights", at
least get it straight - those are bourgeois legal creations which are
not legally applicable to a discussion list even under their own

I say, Karl has offered up some of the most entertaining stuff I've
seen on this list in a long time.  Your post titled "treachery" is a
real hoot, although a little cryptic.  Thanks, buddy!


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