Russian imperialism

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Thu Aug 1 16:06:36 MDT 1996

>At 10:16 AM 8/1/96, Louis N Proyect wrote:
>>Louis: But aren't nations that abjure imperialism as a policy, like gentle
>>Sweden and plucky Norway, also imperialist?
Doug wrote:

>They're free riders on U.S. imperialism.

A couple of things.

Sweden has a powerful military setup and its own arms industry -- Bofors,
SAAB aviation, Celsius (defence material and systems), Kockums submarines,

It also has a long and gory tradition of military intervention around the
Baltic. Swedish troops (mainly in fact Finnish cannon fodder) were renowned
during the Thirty Years War in Central Europe for their sullen brutality.

Gentle as a bear-trap. Not much of a 'free' ride for that matter, either.

Sweden has never 'abjured' imperialism in reality. It has had the status of
a secret ally with the US since WWII (switching allegiance from Germany,
guess why!) and has been involved in espionage and other hostile activities
against the Soviet Union all that time. It was rather spectacularly opposed
to the US for a while in relation to the Vietnam war, but that was because
it saw an opportunity to gouge a piece of the 'third world, non-allied
states' market for itself, all the while keeping strictly in line with
respect to the Soviet Union.

As I've written before, Sweden, just like Australia, is a piranha among
sharks. A small but efficiently exploitative imperialist state.

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