Russian imperialism

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Thu Aug 1 16:39:15 MDT 1996

Louis: Now, Hugh, why the fuck can't you write intelligent shit like this
all the time.

On Thu, 1 Aug 1996, Hugh Rodwell wrote:

> Sweden has a powerful military setup and its own arms industry -- Bofors,
> SAAB aviation, Celsius (defence material and systems), Kockums submarines,
> etc.
> It also has a long and gory tradition of military intervention around the
> Baltic. Swedish troops (mainly in fact Finnish cannon fodder) were renowned
> during the Thirty Years War in Central Europe for their sullen brutality.
> Gentle as a bear-trap. Not much of a 'free' ride for that matter, either.
> Sweden has never 'abjured' imperialism in reality. It has had the status of
> a secret ally with the US since WWII (switching allegiance from Germany,
> guess why!) and has been involved in espionage and other hostile activities
> against the Soviet Union all that time. It was rather spectacularly opposed
> to the US for a while in relation to the Vietnam war, but that was because
> it saw an opportunity to gouge a piece of the 'third world, non-allied
> states' market for itself, all the while keeping strictly in line with
> respect to the Soviet Union.
> As I've written before, Sweden, just like Australia, is a piranha among
> sharks. A small but efficiently exploitative imperialist state.
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