US complicity in Burundi

Ang uls at
Thu Aug 1 19:56:55 MDT 1996

Chris writes:

"I do not know much detail about Rwanda and Burundi"

(nor do I, but I would like to learn more and you should too.  Where in the
last five years has there been greater death?)

", but attempts by
Marxists to expose things like "US complicity in Burundi" or
French complicity in the massacres in Rwanda, need to get into
the mechanics of how it works, effectively to expose it. "
I'm not a roving reporter, but I think when there are cracks in the mainstream
press, like the NYTimes, that enable you to read between the lines of what's
really going on, we should share that information with each other.  The quotes
I cited from the NYTimes tell the story, as clear as we'll get it probably
unless we live long enough for the truth to come out.  People don't care now
about the THOUSANDS AND THOUSAND who were killed in Rwanda and Burundi
(actually most don't know,  i.e., today in the U.S., they're simply bombarded
solely with information about the 300 or so Americans who died in a plane
crash) so as decades pass, and truth comes out with other people in power,
regrets can be made and nothing changes.  Marxists should learn as much as
they can about how the powers that be exploit, time and time again,
differences and divide and conquer so devastatinly effectively.     I haven't
seen much coverage of this "war" in the alternative press and would welcome
suggested pointers to more info from anyone.

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