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Thu Aug 1 21:42:45 MDT 1996

 >>  today's capitalist interlopers devise all kinds of complex institutions,
like financial markets and MNC branch offices. Just how did Roman colonialism
work? <<Doug Henwood

 Jon Flanders:

  This is right off the top of my head, but since the Roman empire was a slave
based agricultural economy, I would think slaves, agricultural land(as rewards
for loyalty to the emperor) and direct tribute from conquered regimes would
have comprised much of the basis of Roman imperialism.

  Modern capitalism exports investment capital and repatriates profit, and
today makes huge returns on high interest loans, both to governments and
private institutions. Can anyone show that the FSU did this?

  Generally acting the bully and engaging in post-war looting for revenge
don't make a scientific case for imperialism in the capitalist sense.

  E-mail from: Jonathan E. Flanders, 01-Aug-1996

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