Shane Mage's allergy to statistics

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This profound argument really convinced me.


At 06:30 01-08-96 +0100, Richard Bos wrote:

>The problem is the Trots have completely different meanings for words=20

>than Marx and Lenin did, and those meanings seem to change from one=20

>posting to the next depending on which person it is. Trying to debate=20

>with them is like trying to have a discussion with an evangelical=20

>Christian. Both Christianity & Trotskyism are faiths rather than=20

>sciences, so it is impossible to put a scientific case that they would=20



>To understand the definition of imperialism is important because, if you=20

>do not, the concepts of proletarian imternationalism would also fall, and=

>then you end up taking sides of people who *say* they are=20

>anti-imperialist but are no such thing.=20


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