Piranhas was Re: Russian imperialism

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Thu Aug 1 22:47:32 MDT 1996

>Hugh wrote
>> As I've written before, Sweden, just like Australia, is a piranha among
>> sharks. A small but efficiently exploitative imperialist state.

Indeed.  There is much to be written and said about Australian foreign
policy.  Both labor and Tory are solidly in the american camp. The
embarrassing difference is that Australia is less critical of the Indonesian
butchers than America is.  Paul Keating of the Labor right and former Prime
Minister openly boasted about his "special relationship" with Sukarno.  He
called the latter monster "uncle" and praised his role in bringing
"stability" to the region.

The present leader of the Labor Party, KIm Beazely, maintains the same noble
tradition.  He recently spoke at a forum in Washington complaining that many
Australians did  not see the need for America to remain in the region!

One of my favorite fantasises is of a leftist government emerging in
Indonesia.  I would love to see the Right here sweat with fear.



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