Russian imperialism

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Thu Aug 1 22:41:05 MDT 1996

ROSSERJB at wrote:
>      Louis's mistake is to limit the concept of
> imperialism to Lenin's definition and analysis.
> The concept long predated capitalism and is much
> more general.
>      Let's be clear.  It is the classless state of
> communism under which one would not expect there to
> be imperialism.  No state has claimed to have achieved
> communism, but many, including the states of the CMEA
> bloc have claimed to have achieved socialism.
>      Call what was going on, "social imperialism," or
> if you are too much of a Leninist fundamentalist, go
> Maoist and call it "social hegemonism."
> Barkley Rosser

Aaaaaah.... Brings back memories of the good old days when I listened to
Radio Tirana under my bedclothes. Goodbye dear listener.

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