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> Louis P.,
>      There are numerous estimates of EE IP out there.
> Yours gave the upper bound.  Are you really interested
> in a comprehensive list?  Somehow I doubt it.  For what
> it is worth, the relative rates across countries and
> times correspond reasonably with other sources.
>      Let's cut to the chase.  If Soviet "assistance"
> was so great and "Marshall Plan imperialism" was so
> awful, then why was the FRG so far ahead in per capita
> terms by any measure than the GDR in 1989, when they
> started out near equal in 1939 and probably still were
> in 1945?
> Barkley Rosser
> The industrial heartland was in the Ruhr (FRG). The FRG also had a larger
territory and population. The war damage was far higher in the GDR
territory (Berlin, Dresden, etc.), so they didn't have an equal start.
Even so, when I visited there, I found the standard of living pretty
similar to here.

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