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Just so you'll not have to search through my admittedly
awfully long "{3}", I'll past in a part of it here as
a "reply 2" to you:

Jon F. writes, on the very "strange" TMI 2 reactor incident in 1979:

>Funny, I was around at the time, and I don't recollect any
>bourgeois forces claiming responsibility for the Harrisburg
>accident. I do remember the establishment defending nuclear
>power tooth and nail. Could you cite something besides your
>own rhetoric to prove this?

On the actually quite intensive combating of nuclear energy even
in the USA itself by the Carter administration of that time, see
"AEI on plutonium, politics etc", which I posted with my {2}. One
excuse for Jon's not even noticing this is the fact (I think) that
there was *nobody* around on his continent then to advance the
theory that the anti-nuclear-energy campaign was actually above
all an attack against the workers and the workers' movement,
so he didn't even try to look at things with a view towards
checking this out.

Another excuse is the fact that the reactionary outcry in the
media "over Harrisburg", for instance, was ten times bigger here
in Europe than in the USA, whose administration, in this together
also with its Soviet superpower partner, was even much more
fanatically intent on killng nuclear energy here than in its "own"
country. For the anti-nuclear-energy etc campaigns here in
Sweden, for instance, another motive also has played a big
role, that of the superpowers' wanting to dominate all other
countries including their second-world so-called "allies".

Is there any excuse for Jon's incredible naivite' (or whatever) in
asking: Why did nobody step forwards and say: "We did this on
purpose"? I don't think so. The answer of course is: Those
responsible wanted people to think this was a "natural accident".

On this incident, several articles were written at the time by some
(then) comrades of mine, and I participated in collecting
information for those articles. They're mostly only in German.
But I promise that, as soon as I can, I'll post some more detailed
information in English on that event, which I hope will interest
many even today and which I find very instructive indeed.

And as a very instructive piece of reading, concerning the
question of what some main bourgeois forces in the world
today are saying on *all* those points I enumerated above, I can
recommend to Jon (and to all others) a book written in 1992
by "his" present Vice-President Al Gore: "Earth in the Balance -
Ecology and the Human Spirit". Why not try it? It's at least as
instructive as it's horrid.

Rolf M.

> >> In March 1979, the main forces of U.S. imperialism manipulated
> a nuclear power plant near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, causing an
> "accident" and initiating a new wave of anti-industrial public=20
> propaganda and governmental strangulation measures internationally.=2 <<Rolf
> Jon Flanders:
>  Funny, I was around at the time, and I don't recollect any bourgeois forces
>claiming responsibility for the Harrisburg accident. I do remember the
>establishment defending nuclear power tooth and nail. Could you cite something
>besides your own rhetoric to prove this?
> Could you even quote a "main force of US imperialism" making a serious
>criticism of nuclear power at the time?
>  E-mail from: Jonathan E. Flanders, 30-Jul-1996
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