MIM-Henwood debate

Chris Burford 100423.2040 at compuserve.com
Fri Aug 2 00:04:12 MDT 1996

This debate seems to have petered out with recriminations about
facts and sources. I got the impression however the conflict is
really about how to interpret the facts. No one disputes that workers
in the advanced capitalist/imperialist countries have a higher
standard of living as measured in commodities than workers of
the "developing countries".

I do not think MIM are automatically wrong in saying that by
comparison with Lenin's day, not just a major stratum of the
working class in an imperialist country, but the *majority* of the
class is bribed with the fruits of the exploitation of the
oppressed nations.

What I would appreciate MIM saying is what is/are the
by which exchange value is transferred from the workers of the
third world to the workers of the first world? Rentier coupon
clipping does not stand up now on its own.

This is no mere acadmemic point of course.

Chris Burford

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