EYENET: Which pole flies the New Flag?(simple hypocracy or...?)

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> >                    by  K.K . CAMPBELL
>Back in May KK Campbell was howling bloody murder about
>New Flag's posting some private messages from him -- messages
>that were requesting information to be published in this eyeNET.
>NF posted the messages to illustrate what NF felt were overly
>inquisitive and prying questions from this "journalist" who presents
>himself as having some knowledge of Marxism and some sympathy
>with political activism.
>This journalistic prying led the NF editors to question whether
>KK's curiosity served journalism or something more sinister, like
>COINTELPRO - type pigism.  Mr. Campbell acted HIGHLY
>insulted by this, to say the least.
>Well, with this story and surely the one to follow, we can all
>rest easy as Mr. C proves what an examplary journalist he truly is.
>First, we have the discredited lie that Adolfo promotes, claiming
>that postings by the NF were what led to Julian Calero's arrest,
>citing similarities between Julian's history and some details
>mentioned in a post on May 10, where NF was contesting
>Adolfo's claim to be THE Peruvian exile "most wanted" by the
>Fujimori regime.
>The good hearted Mr. KK Campbell not only repeats this bullshit
>to his readers, he also did Mr. Calero's family the kindness of
>increasing their anxiety by letting them in on the "secret".
>Then we have Mr. e-mail privacy himself publishing, not only
>detailed information about Dan Axtell's internet server, but
>numerous "quotes" from a supposedly private "surprise" phone
>call to Mr. Axtell!  I mean, you really have to admire this guy's
>consistency and devotion to principle!  About the only thing he
>didn't tell us is whether Dan prefers corn flakes or cold pizza for
>Gina/ Detroit
You forgot to say that Eyenet is where Aldolfo did is infamous "King of the
Peruvians on Internet" interview! More then likely there are a lot of
exchanges of private Email between Eyenet and Adolfo in order to publish
this latest expose!


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