What should I know better?

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at mailbox.swipnet.se
Fri Aug 2 02:32:26 MDT 1996

Lisa R came over from the other place to enlighten us sepulchre dwellers.
She wrote:

>Hugh wrote:
>> I'm afraid the only expulsions I know about are the ones from marxism2 --
>> BodySack, Robert M and myself. The first two still in force...
>LR: Hugh is wrong about that, and should know better.


You mean:

1) Robert M was not unsubbed?

2) BodySack was not unsubbed?

3) Robert M is now free to send postings to M2?

4) BodySack is now free to send postings to M2?

5) There were other expulsions (unsubbings, suspensions, whatever) that I
don't know about?

6) Or is it just the word 'expulsion' I'm wrong about?

How should I 'know better'? I haven't seen anything from either R or B on
m2 since they were done. It's natural to assume they are still under ban.
I'm not a mindreader.

By the way, it seems you don't consider the sanction of unsubbing to
involve any censorship -- is this the case?

This Spoon thing is getting curiouser and curiouser. They administer
real-world discourse about Marxism and other controversial ideas and
practices, and seem to have other-worldly expectations about the course it
will take using a technology like the Net. Makes you wonder sometimes where
the rest of us fit into their scheme of things.

The only way to understand reality and have a chance of changing it is to
take it as it is -- warts and all.

Ah well, at least Lisa's finger's not on the zap button here -- yet.



PS It just struck me (much later) that Lisa might just have misread what I
wrote. Perhaps she read:

BodySack Robert M and myself, the two still in force

and thought I'd found some kinky new name to call Robert.

And that I was claiming *I* was still unsubbed.

No way.

BodySack (aka Bodhisattva) is BodySack, Robert is Robert and I'm me. The
*first* two, ie BodySack and Robert, are, to the best of my knowledge,
still unsubbed from m2. Now this might not be the case. But as I said, how
could I know that without being a mindreader? m2 is not kept informed as to
who's in and who's out, as list policy is off-topic.

Cheers again,


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