Karl Carlile joseph at indigo.ie
Fri Aug 2 04:21:23 MDT 1996

Karl: Some comments concerning my expulsion from the Foucalt List.

The position is that moderators on the Foucault List mailbombed me and
then expelled me from the List. Shortly after that I was suspended for
two weeks from the Marxism2 list. At least one of the Foucault list
moderators used abusive language in a message on the Foucault list. He
was not unsubbed for this abuse. Indeed he was not even dismissed as
list moderator. Yet I was expelled from that same List because of
false allegations that my messages had been rude.

The following remarks by Hans Despain is evidence that I was
mailbombed by Spoon moderators: "this situation was in part caused by
a poor decision to mail-bomb Karl." In response to Hans Lisa Rogers
the marxism2 moderator accepts the fact of my mailbombing when she
says: "his devastating critique has nothing to do with the

I am also of the opinion that Lisa Rogers is no suitable for the
position of moderator of marxism2. Her conduct and the mail she has
written are incontrovertible evidence of this. She lacks the
abilities, skills and vision required for such a position. Evidence of
her unsuitability is provided by the following extracts from her mail:

 "And decide tomorrow: whether or not KC and M1 go and leave it at
 that." "what that asshole KC is predicting" (KC means Karl Carlile);
 "why don't we take a shit and flush and get off the pot."

I demand my reinstatement on the Foucault list and the dismissal of
the moderators responsible for mailbombing me and for unfairly
expelling me.


                              Yours etc.,

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