nukes and cars

Robert Malecki malecki at
Fri Aug 2 03:38:37 MDT 1996

Rolf writes;
>Precisely here in Sweden too, some years ago there was
>one such project, which likewise showed the presence of oil
>and gas at such great depths but which was then in the most
>scandalous way killed with certain political machinations.
>(I and some friends of mine never got a single dividend out
>of our oil shares! OK, they were only for a week's wages for
>each of us, but all the same.) This whole thing is another long
>story in itself, and a very instructive one too

In fact the oil prospecting in Sweden was a very funny story. It in fact was
a big skam flamed by Swedish imperialist jealousy of Norwegian oil
development. And Rolf (our small shareholder) on the list got sucked into
believing all this stuff along with a lot of other people here up in the
North of Sweden.

The whole theory went out on a metorite hole called "The Siljan circle"
where oil could be found at great depths. Naturally i am not into whether
oil is there or not. Because i am not interested in reforming imperialist
energy politics like Rolf.

But it mostly sounded like the guy who wanted to sell "shares" in the
Brooklyn Bridge. And it worked! Lots of shares were sold and after a few
years the project was dumped. Mainly because Oil at present is cheap and
easy to get.

However their is still hope Rolf. A big war in the middle east might make
your stocks worth a lot of money, so don,t burn them up!


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