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Fri Aug 2 13:46:07 MDT 1996

Robert Malecki wrote:
> > The industrial heartland was in the Ruhr (FRG). The FRG also had a larger
> >territory and population. The war damage was far higher in the GDR
> >territory (Berlin, Dresden, etc.), so they didn't have an equal start.
> >Even so, when I visited there, I found the standard of living pretty
> >similar to here.
> >
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> >Richard.

> Is the above a nostagia trip Richard. Defending the good old days of
> Stalinists politcs in East Europe. Have the Euro-Communists gone to far?
> malecki
> It is not a nostalgia trip. I am not saying that everything in the garden
was rosy, but some people on this list seem to believe all the rubbish
that the pro-Capitalist media has fed them from birth. Life was pretty OK
in the seventies and early eighties when I visited E.Europe initially as
a teenager. If we could all agree on some basic facts and figures, then
maybe this discussion could come to some conclusions, but as things are
it goes nowhere. The enemies of the working class can sit back and laugh,
knowing they have done a good job.
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