West German sub-imperialism, Turkish factor

ROSSERJB at jmu.edu ROSSERJB at jmu.edu
Fri Aug 2 16:38:05 MDT 1996

To Zeynep:
     Your point is well taken.  However, I doubt
that having the Turkish gastarbeiters (or other
gastarbeiters from other countries) was the main
reason the FRG outperformed the GDR.  Is it not
the case, that for all their mistreatment by the
Germans, the gastarbeiters earned more there than
they would have in Turkey and that the net flow
of income between Germany and Turkey was on net
>from Germany to Turkey in the form of remittances
back home by the Turkish gastarbeiters?
     Just for the record, I find the German attitude
towards who is a citizen to be racist and appalling,
with longtime Turkish-origin residents being the most
prominent victims of the FRG policy.
Barkley Rosser

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