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Latest Marx/Engels additions
For those of you who wanted to back up what you polemize with, I
suggest a visit to the Marx/Engels on line Archives at

There are a whole series of sub-Archives ranging from Lenin to Trotsky
to Luxembourg to Mariategui. There is even a small but growing Mao and
Stalin sub-Archive for those of you who might want to read what, IMO,
represents gross distortions of Marxism, but you can judge that for
yoursevles, that's the whole point.

Here are the lates additions:

July 28: ADDITION: Another Mariategui essay, to the June 29 Latin
American Communist Conference, on Anti-Imperialism.

    July 28: ADDITION: More Lenin, on the topic of what "Marxism" is:
Marxism and Revisionism and The Historical Destiny of the Doctrine of
Karl Marx.

    July 27: ADDITION: Marx's 1856 speech at the anniversary of The
People's Paper -- an interesting talk on the antagonism between modern
productive powers and social relations.

    July 27: ADDITION: The opening of the transcription of Leon
Trotsky's 1930 3-volume book The History of the Russian Revolution. The
preface and first two chapters. (Thanks to David Webb.)

    July 27: ADDITION: J. V. Stalin's 1938 essay Dialectical and
Historical Materialism.  The transcriber writes: "I frankly don't know
how you feel about this one, but the source is historically important as
representing the statement of the line at that time." (Thanks to M.)

    July 27: ADDITION: Another installment in the on-going transcription
of Marx's 1894 Capital III. Chapter 36, Pre-Capitalist Relationships.
(Thanks to David Walters.)

    July 26: ADDITION: A user and friend of the MEIA wrote: "I've tried
an Alta Vista search, but have been unable to find an online copy of
Lenin's A Great Beginning, in which he gives the most succinct
definition of 'class' -- have you seen it online any place?"  No, we
hadn't. But, now we have. Here's Lenin's 1919 pamphlet A Great
Beginning:  Heroism of the Workers in the Rear. "Communist Subbotniks.".

    July 26: ADDITION: Lenin's 1921 Preliminary draft resolutions of the
10th Congress of the R.C.P..

    July 26: ADDITION: We open the Jos Carlos Mariategui Internet
Archive. It only has two small articles at the moment, but it's a start
and will hopefully introduce some English speakers to this thinker
sometimes called "the Gramsci of the Americas."

    July 24: ADDITION: Marx's June 28 1855 news article for Neue
Oder-Zeitung, "Anti- Church Movement: Demonstration in Hyde Park". It
deals with the class nature of England's pietist legislation -- and the
right to drink beer on Sunday!

    July 8: ADDITION: The Fifth Congress of the First International
Working Men's Association: The Hague Congress, 1872 -- almost completed,
but still missing documents, such as the report on Bakunin's secret
Alliance. Transcribing this historic congress is no small endeavor, to
be sure... whew.

    June 24: ADDITION: Lenin's 1913 article The Three Sources and Three
Component Parts of Marxism. (Thanks to Lee Joon Koo and Marc Luzietti)

    June 17: ADDITION: Engels' 1873 series of articles Bakuninists at
Work. Engels looks at Spanish revolts in the summer of 1873, and how the
political "abstentionism" of the Bakunists

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