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  I was doing a routine search for railroad information on AOL when I came
across an article on the problem facing the nuclear power industry in siting a
waste dump in Nevada. Seems the locals don't want it, but Congress will force
the issue.

  Also seems there is more than a deskfull of waste involved. Hey, I can't
wait until a carload of nuclear waste derails in my rail yard. I'll be able to
pick up some souvenirs for my kids.

 The tank car that blew up here set a carload of beer on fire. Wonder what
nuclear waste would do in those circumstances?

 Jon Flanders

 >>  But Joe Colvin, president of the Nuclear Energy Institute, said in a
 statement: ``This legislation is a triumph for the environment. It moves used
nuclear fuel from nuclear power plants in 34 highly populated states to a
single interim storage facility in the remote, unpopulated Nevada desert.''

    The Nuclear Energy Institute is the trade organisation for electric
 utilities using nuclear power.

    The utilities have pushed the bill as they are running out of space to
store thousands of tons of nuclear waste on site.

    A 1982 law required the Energy Department to dispose of the nuclear
 industry's spent fuel starting in January 1998, but the department does not
expect to have a storage facility ready until 2010.

    Utilities have paid $12 billion in fees to the federal government to
 build a permanent dump.

    In a decision announced last week, a U.S. Appeals Court said the
 government must start accepting the waste by 1998, but it did not specify how
the Energy Department should meet the deadline.

    ``If the president vetoes this bill he is saying in effect (there will be)
80 waste sites around the nation, not one,'' Senate Energy Committee Chairman
Frank Murkowski, an Alaska Republican who sponsored the bill, told a news

    ``Nobody wants it,'' he said of nuclear waste, ``but you can't throw it up
in the air. It's got to come down somewhere.''

    The House had been expected to move on its version of the bill when it
returns from the August recess, but Bryan and Harry Reid, Nevada's other
senator, said they doubted the House would take up the bill after this Senate

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