The Black "EYEnet" of Zodiac.

Luis Quispe lquispe at
Sat Aug 3 01:15:36 MDT 1996

The Black "Eye" of Rookie Detective KKK Ken Campbell (the Zodiac)

Dirty, rotten, and filthy lies have been sprouted against modest
people from the Peruvian community who have nothing to do with
the publication of The New Flag. The culprit is the infamous Agent
named Zodiac, who is acting on behalf of Fujimori's snitch Adolfo
Olaechea Cahuas. The code-name Zodiac belongs to a counterintelligence
operative based in Toronto who publishes his diatribes in the Net using
the name of "Eyenet", and a penny saver pamphlet "Toronto Arts' Newspaper."
Campbell disguised activity may have serious
consequences to people fingered as PCP supporters, in which also Zodiac
will be affected. He stated: "it is a game --so let's give it a whirl." He
must bear full responsibility on any harm that may be caused to those
innocent Peruvians listed by this despicable snitch. Once more we say:
The New Flag has nothing to do with those people listed by Campbell. We
don't know them. They are not supporters nor members of the MPP. Campbell
tactic of listing names is similar to the tactic used by
Fujimori's SIN in Peru. First, a SIN controlled paper publishes
their names, then the real cops search their homes to arrest
them. If anything happens to these people, including to the
Americans listed, Adolfo Olaechea and his image maker, the Agent
Ken Campbell will pay fully for the consequences. No one in the
New Flag have the names of Daxtell or Axtell, Carlos, Palomino,
etc. No one in The New Flag is in his 50's, all writers are less
than 30 years old. Luis Quispe has no wife nor children. He is
not a teacher. It appears that Zodiac's questionable informants
are describing a wrong man they have seen once or twice. In fact
Campbell acknowledges that this person is light-skinned (to be
Peruvian (Caucasian?), Luis is Peruvian of Andean origin, and
doesn't go to dances. In sum, Zodaic ranting and ravings on Luis
is garbage.

Moreover, detective Ken Campbell tried to put Calero's relatives
against The New Flag by lying and fabricating the tale that The
New Flag has distributed Calero's statements at the Mumia's rally
in Philly. By express directive of the MPP, we don't distribute
literature on Calero in public rallies. Our priority is the
support to the People's War in Peru. Calero's campaign is done by
the "Justice for Julian Committee" based in Connecticut. This
Committee has no organic relation with the New Flag or the MPP.

Zodiac should answer, where are the dozens of photos that prove
Daxtell was marching with us on July 4th? Another lie. No doubt.

Luis never met Godenas or Miles (or his pal Tony.) It is likely
they met some other friends of The New Flag they wrongly believe
is Luis or Marcelina.  All Campbell states is: Miles says this,
Godenas says that, but do not substantiate at all. As far as we
know, no one from The New Flag has ever met Godenas in NY. Miles
was sheltered and fed in a home, but not the one described by
Agent Campbell. Although cop Campbell is careful is nailing these
residents to The New Flag by stating: "There is no way to
determine that this man is Quispe," but he listed a private
building where apparently reside three different families. If any
harm is done to the people who resides in the homes listed (old
or new residents), Agent Ken Campbell and those who hired him
will bear full responsibility. SIN and the dead squads of
Fujimori are looking for years, the whereabouts of Luis Quispe
and The New Flag journalists who have been the most sharpest
critics of the fascist regime of Fujimori abroad.

Zodiac is a hired gun of the snitch Adolfo Olaechea Cahuas, who
based in London, to slander the revolutionary magazine "Por la
Nueva Bandera." Zodiac brought Olaechea to the Net as his super-
heroe and through him, tried to befriend The New Flag to gather
intelligence information on the People's War in Peru, thru
sophisticated questionnaires sent to the publishers of The New
flag and interrogation. The magazine had no other option other
than to release his "private mail" to the Marxist List and expose
him as a career informant disguised as "Marxist," to gather
information on organized revolutionaries in the Net who by legal
means, try to get across their political and ideological views.
Such is the case of The New Flag.

The counterintelligence operative Ken Campbell (alias Zodiac)
through his gossip column "Eyenet" has made his countless
scurrilous allegation against The New Flag and innocent Peruvians
residing in the U.S.

Readers in the Marxist list remember that a few months ago,
Zodiac tried to nail Luis Quispe and others in the editorial
board of this magazine for "allegedly asking him for his credit
card," he even tailored messages for Luis and other members in
the Marxist list (e.g., Michael Luftmensch) in an attempt to
discredit them. Later on, Ken Campbell acknowledged his criminal
act by stating that all he was doing was a "joke," "Maoists don't
have a sense of humor" said the Zodiac.

Once he was confronted by Michael Luftmensch (a member of the
Marxist list that has nothing to do with The New Flag) for his
cop work on behalf of the Ontario Hydro Power Plant of Canada,
Zodiac shamelessly withdrew from the list, to dedicate himself
to "investigate" and nail The New Flag as a "terrorist"
organization on behalf of the imperialism hysteria against
revolutionary movements. Several members of the Marxist list (no
members of the New Flag like the filthy Ken Campbell claimed)
were interrogated by phone in their homes and offices by Zodiac
in order to obtain mud slide and gossip against The New Flag. By
listing names of Peruvian names randomly chosen by Campbell, he
is preparing and justifying search and seizures of several homes
of Peruvian exiles. A violation of the constitutional rights not
only of these Peruvian families that have nothing to do with
illegal activities, but he is opening the application of the new
"counter-terrorist law," a real cop of the pseudo "journalist"
Ken Campbell.

In the meanwhile, The New Flag continues bold in the struggle.
The dreams of the reactionaries of "undoing" the NF by using
counterintelligence tactics have been smashed.

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