The Light Emerges.

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          [Part 3. Speech by President Gonzalo]


The working class emerged, a new class was born. It was the
working class and the international proletariat what inspired the
proletariat in our country.  That is who we are.  The proletariat
begins to illuminate the darkness, it is the class that is
represented here.  This light was transformed into steel.

>From 1885 to 1919 there were nearly 30 years of intense class
struggle in which the Peruvian proletariat begins to develop and
their presence showed a definitive change in our country.  The
class struggle, international actions, and the struggles of the
proletariat and peasants allowed the forging
of Marxism and Jose Carlos Mariategui, who fought like few others
in these lands of the Americas.  Our people are not frivolous, as
some ignorant people say, we have produced many great people.
Mariategui is one of the few men in these lands who applied
Marxism-Leninism to the special conditions and our people begin
to find a new untraveled road. A new and more pure light emerges,
a shining light.  That light we carry in our hearts and souls.
That light was founded with the land and that soil became steel.
>From light, soil, and steel springs the founding of the Party
in 1928.  The steel was forged, that is what we are.  That is the
problem of how the light emerged and the steel forged.

In 1928 we were founded and we have never fallen into the
criterion of forming another Party.  We have come to an agreement
that here the class and mass struggle gave birth to a Jose Carlos
Mariategui who founded the Party, he gave us light and steel and
led us on our own way.  Since then there has been light and steel
in our country.  No matter what they say we can never go back.

It is impossible to turn back while there are still classes. That
light will not go out while there are still classes; the steel
will not melt while there are still classes.  But we had a
possibility which came apart when the life of our founder was cut
short. Although it was negated, distorted and concealed, the
unaccomplished task of Mariategui remained as our Program
and Plan, the class embodied it, it continued beating in the
class, the combative people and the Communists.  We cannot deny
that the actions of the class and Communists who tireless fought
has allowed us to reach this stage.

Time passed. The Second World War came, the most extensive one of
history, which marked us and created a more profound bureaucratic
capitalist system and a more intense class struggle.  The working
class kept advancing but never in peace, always in the midst of
torments and storms; it was forged with more light, more steel,
more strength and invincibility.

Our people were illuminated by a more intense light,
Marxism-Leninism Mao-Tse-tung Thought.  We were at first dazzled
by the eruption of this unending light, light and nothing else;
but little by little our retinas began to comprehend this light,
we  saw our country, Mariategui and our reality and we found our
perspective: the Reconstitution of the Party. Thus, the
chapter on how the light emerged and the steel was forged begins
to end.


Today begins a new chapter: How the walls collapse and a new dawn
unfolds.  Our Party, forged with the strongest light and purest
steel has a decisive moment. This moment generates the Plan of
National Construction, and the Party which was a piece of the
flag unfurled to the wind, spreads out in order to illuminate our
country. The Communists from all parts of the country were called
and a national system was set in motion.  Communists rose up and
the land reverberated.  With the rumbling of the land, the
Communists advanced.  For this purpose, a landmark conference was
held, political bases were established and a course to follow was

A flag was planted, a very high flag for a new epoch and with a
new objective: Initiate the Armed Struggle. Men struggled hard
and the few Communists that existed were gathered from various
points and in the end they committed themselves by making a
decision: to forge with deeds the First Company of the First
Division of the People's Army.  In this manner, they began to
clear out the darkness in a definitive form. The walls shook
and were breached, with clenched fists, the dawn broke out.  The
key was the First National Conference, a milestone marking the
beginning of a new chapter.  The spirits were joyful and our eyes
glistened with light.  One chapter will say: we carried a heavy
burden, we gave our quota, and in difficult moments we buried our
dead, we dried our tears, but continued fighting.  This is how it
happened, and the People's Republic was proclaimed, a national
holiday.  Once again the work was recovered bringing joy among
us. The countryside became more productive and freedom began to
palpitate in our people, with the red banner guiding us
forever.  Our America will shine. It is already a free world
which has extended itself to other parts of the Earth.  Today old
empires sink. They are dirty waters and poisoned ashes which are
being swept away.  Work is redeemed and the fields flourish in
the Red Republic.

They will ask, what are we going to do today?  Today we will
advance, conspiring so that the shadows will not return and the
working class never loses power.  This is what history will say.
We head towards the inevitable arrival of Communism in order to
reach full and absolute light.

The blood of our fallen comrades cries out light! light! we will
reach Communism!  That will be written someday, it will be

Today we have made a historical decision.  We have expressed with
our clenched fist held high to give our lives.  Rising to our
feet with our fists in the air we have offered our lives. In this
moment the crumbling of the walls and the breaking of the new
dawn begins.

As you have all pledged, I too pledge: before the banner of
Marxism-Leninism, Mao Tse-tung Thought, before the effigy of our
founder, before the line of our Party and the unconquered banners
of our Party: I too am committed to fight and struggle to topple
the walls of the old order, I too am a combatant of the First
Company of the First Division of the People's Army.  I only have
one aspiration, like all of you: to serve my people, base myself
in the masses who are our support and to struggle for proletarian
internationalism.  In the International Communist Movement we
have only one flag: Marx unfurled it, then Lenin and Mao
raised it higher; it is the light that will never be
extinguished.  We have stood up, and I will fulfill what I must.
What matters to me is to complete my journey well.  We Communists
expect nothing, only to serve Communism.  My decision is the same
as yours.  I too will be a simple combatant of the First Company,
I will do what must be done, I will do what is right, expecting
nothing except to serve the cause of Communism.

This is also my pledge: my decision is yours your decision is
mine, because we are united.  The toppling of the walls and the
unfolding of a new dawn begins.

(From the General National Conference,  December 3, 1979)

"History has shown us that a just military and political line
does not emerge nor develop in a spontaneous and gentle form, but
in the struggle against the opportunism of the "Left" on the one
hand, and against the opportunism of the "Right" on the other.
Without combating and transforming these pernicious deviations
that undermine the revolution and the revolutionary
war, it will be impossible to elaborate a just line and achieve
victory in the revolutionary war." Mao Tse-tung.


The New Flag
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