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Dear friends,

State Capitalism has so much in common with western/world capitalism !
This fetish with differences in 'property forms' misses and puts up
a smokescreen over the whole "property essence'--social systems based on
exploitation of persons by persons.
A) Western "private" style or todays dominant worldwide style cap.
has the following characteristics;
1)Generalized commodity production
2)Investment of capital in production with a view to obtain monetary profit.
3)Exploitation of waged labor
4)Regulation of production by the marketvia a competitive struggle for
5)Accumulation of capital out of profits
6)A single world economy

B)Eastern style state capitalisms major characteristics;

1)state ownership of the principal means of production
2)Generalized wage labor
3)Generalized use of money and monetary calculation
4)a free market for consumer goods in the from of agricultural products and
light industrial products.
5) a market for means of production which is closely monitored and directed
by the state.
6)Wide scale 'planning activity' , although a fully 'planned economy'
is not anywhere near achieved. "Planning" takes the principal forms of state
departments allocating supplies and directing products within the sphere of
mainly heavy industry, setting (sliding) production targets, fixing prices
and directing the intersectional flow of capital.
7) a big black market!

Most forces would probably accept these models  contrasting 'private'
capitalism with state capitalism  as generally accurate.
the main difference being in interpretation of facts.The supporters of state
cap regimes give the principal importance to there being state ownership of
most the means of production , whereas they consider their wage labor/capital
relationship to only be a trifle at best. For those who oppose both
state capitalism & private capitalism , the continuing existence of the wage
labor/capital relationship is one key to understanding the dynamics of modern
A. Buick, J. Crump, McMillan Publ/UK 1986


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