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Sat Aug 3 06:00:03 MDT 1996

>At 8:30 PM 8/2/96, Hugh Rodwell wrote:
>>How about asking *why* people like to smoke? They used to like
>>cock-fighting, bear-baiting, public humiliations and public burnings and
>>executions. Drug addicts 'like' dope. Alcoholics 'like' booze. People vote
>>Tory or Republicrat.

Doug copped ;-) out:

>Are you the policeman of desire, Hugh?

Stop avoiding the issues, Doug. I'm asking for your view of why people are
hooked on socially destructive desires and what should be done about it.

Some people 'like' doing very damaging and destructive things to very young
children and then make a profit out of filming it. Would you cheer them on
because they are realizing 'the lineaments of gratified desire'?

Should the nicotine & tar pushers be encouraged because they give their
customers what they want?

And what would you do about that meeting in a smoke-filled room?

These aren't abstract questions. They're issues that are present every day
in our own experience or close at hand.



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