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Sat Aug 3 05:59:56 MDT 1996

Karl C writes:

>I am also of the opinion that Lisa Rogers is no suitable for the
>position of moderator of marxism2. Her conduct and the mail she has
>written are incontrovertible evidence of this. She lacks the
>abilities, skills and vision required for such a position.

Trouble is Karl, that marxism2 was conceived and brought forth with Lisa
the Moderator as the vital principle in the womb of a body of m1
subscribers who wanted out. Others might have some ideas about the eugenics
involved. Anyway, if Lisa goes, her rules probably go too. If the rules go,
the whole raison d'etre of a separate marxism list disappears.

Given the character of the m2 list and the circumstances surrounding its
birth, it has the Moderator it deserves. The only quality that counts is
devotion to the cause of preserving the Great Schism, and no one would
question Lisa's commitment here.

And trying to foment a rebellion by hardcore m2ers would be a bit like
preaching the virtues of protestantism to the Highland bullyboys of Bonnie
Prince Charlie, or getting Ian Paisley to kiss the Pope's ring.

Anyhow, why not propose a vote of confidence over on the list policy
mailing list?



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