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Sat Aug 3 07:21:39 MDT 1996

Hugh I would not take this guy  too seriously. Like many so called
lefties Doug is busy trying to advance his career on the basis of
being a leftie" with the Left Business Observer and other projects
while using this list as the site where he frequently evacuates his
excrement. He will not dare publish some of the excrement he
unfortunately deposits on this List in the Left Bsiniess Observer. I
now challenge Mr Henwood to collect his messages together and publish
them in the Left Business Observer or through some other means. I can
say with great certainty that Doug will either ignore this challenge
or say that the Observer is not a suitable medium for their
publication. In the latter he will be correct. And neither is the
marxism list a suitable medium for Doug's excrement. Incidentally
ther is tie up here between Doug's ally Lisa and excrement. They both
seem to be experts in this area.

Doug is one of the many hypocrites one meets in the Left. He is
polite on on the Left Business Observer wering his formal attire and
in what he considers the backyard of the left he exhibits the shoddy
side of his political nature.

> At 8:30 PM 8/2/96, Hugh Rodwell wrote:
> >How about asking *why* people like to smoke? They used to like
> >cock-fighting, bear-baiting, public humiliations and public burnings and
> >executions. Drug addicts 'like' dope. Alcoholics 'like' booze. People vote
> >Tory or Republicrat.
> Are you the policeman of desire, Hugh?
> Doug
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