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Robert Malecki malecki at
Sat Aug 3 08:45:18 MDT 1996

>Karl: The current marxism2 archive has disappeared since last night.
>It is not available under current. It may be that its moderator, Lisa
>Rogers, has taken it off the site in order to cull it of messages she is not
>happy about.
Karl, nothing would surprise me less! The whole history around the creation
of M2 was a bureaucratic manipulation of spoon by a very few people to
create this list and from the beginning make their own rules.

The elegant Baroness stood in the center of this coup. In fact the whole
rule to agree not to discuss the creation of the list on pain of expulsion
came about because of Lisa and a few people privately agreeing to this kind
of stuff.

In the best Intrigue and stabbing people in the back style (In fact it
reminds me of a series going here on the fall of the Roman empire) a few
people on M2 and obviously spoon are acting like assholes. The elegant
Baroness being one of the biggest assholes in the web of intrigue.

But they should know that as long as m1 is a free forum their antics will
not go unnoticed! And in fact if this shit keeps up I suggest that we not
only support Hugh's idea of;

 "Anyhow, why not propose a vote of confidence over on the list policy
mailing list?"

but take this stuff out on the newsgroups on Usenet. It appears that they do
worry about bougeois respectability.

Because their present trajectory despite all the bullshit is to bring down
the lists here at Jefferson village.Because working class militants should
hardly ignore the antics of the elegant Baroness and her gang of cohorts. It
should be spread to a wide a public as possible. Perhaps a common
declaration of some sort condemning how the list was created and the way the
rules came about and how people were axed without trial and not in the least
the tampering of the digests as well as other things. Perhaps a threat of
public condemnation of M2 again is neccessary in order to stop their
continuing antics. We might even include a section on the other list which
you were thrown off, however i must admit that i know nothing about this list..

Maybe a call for blacklisting and boycott of M2 is in order here!


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