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re-agent zodiac

To Luis Quispe <lquispe at>

You wrote:

>Michael Luftmensch on Ken Campbell's activities on Behalf of the
>Ontario Hydro Power Plant against workers on strike.
>Marxism at jefferson.villege.Virginia.EDU
>"That's counterintelligence."


Michael Luftmensch:

What I said - in the course of an angry (on my part)
exchange with Zodiac/Ken Howard/K.K. Campell -

"Talk about stupidity - you are counter-intelligence."

That was a stupid and foolish remark on my part. Particularly so,
as it can be taken literally - and was taken literally
by  you -  lquispe.   Zodiac/Ken Howard/K.K.
Campell treated it as a joke - water off a duck's
tail -  grist for one of his  "satires."

My intent was to charge  him with a crime
of omission. Both you and Zodiac turned it into a crime of
commission. While Zodiac could thereby dismiss
my complaint by making me appear ridiculous, you
have seized on a ridiculous notion - not for the
first time - and made youself appear incredible.

My response - as a semi-informed reader - to
the first two eyenet articles was extremely critical: they did
not seem to me to amount to anything more than
internet sensationalism.  Moreover, although I am sure you
will agree I am no maoist, I did not find Ken Howard's "satire"
about your very objectionable release of his email funny.

But then, Zodiac is a producer.
Net loons on marxism pond are his game.  As for
solidarity between Zodiac's constituency -
which I assumed to be in southern ontario -
and the peruvian people - that's another story.

In the meantime, I think it unwise of you to try
to involve me in the intrigues between the New Flag
and Zodiac, Adolfo Olaechea & the WMC. Any short-
term gain to be had by misquoting me, and attributing
to me statements which you have tailored to meet your
immediate needs, will surely serve to discredit you.

Michael Luftmensch

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